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Many students find writing essays both complex and daunting because they can be very academically demanding and difficult to fit in around other commitments. So instead of rushing your essay and risking a lower mark, you can get a custom essay from Adept Research written by an expert graduate.

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Whether you are studying at undergraduate, master’s or PhD level, need 1,000 words or 10,000, our professional writers will ensure you get an essay of the highest quality. We have a large team of professional writers with experts in all academic disciplines, so you are guaranteed a writer with the necessary experience and qualifications to help you get the grade you need. Join the thousands of very happy university and college students we have helped throughout the years. Simply fill out our online order form to place your order for your customized essay, get prices and book additional extras such as specific models, sources and much more.

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Why Are Essays Challenging?

Sometimes you will be lucky enough to have a topic assigned to you. However, tutors often like to give you free reign to choose which topic you would like to write about, in order to assess your ability to be creative, critical and find a research gap in your subject area. Knowing where to start with this task is often a minefield. It’s important to think carefully about your topic; you need to choose something that will sustain your interest throughout the writing process, but is also unique and relevant.

Once you have a topic, whether your choice or your tutor’s, it’s essential that you make a plan for your essay so that you can organise your thoughts. Without a plan, you risk missing out essential course information, as well as writing continuous prose that lacks structure and meaning. It’s important that every point you make in your essay is made for a reason; there’s nothing worse than an essay full of repetition, no evidence, and information that doesn’t relate to your question. It’s also likely that your tutor will be able to have a look at your plan before you begin writing the main prose of your essay, meaning you have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback and feel confident that you are going in the right direction with your work.

So do you start with the introduction? The research? Or do you just start writing and hope it comes together? Although starting with the introduction makes logical sense as it is the first paragraph the reader will see, it’s actually better to complete this once you have written the main body of your essay, in order to ensure that your introduction links to your argument. Your essay needs to be well researched, perfectly referenced, critical and well-structured for you to get top marks. Sounds complicated? It is; essays are difficult. So instead of rushing your essay and risking a lower mark, order a custom written essay from Adept Research, written by an expert graduate.

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