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An annotated bibliography may either be part of a bigger assignment, such as an essay or a dissertation or be set by your tutor as a stand-alone piece of work that is used to assess a variety of different skills. Either way, completing an annotated bibliography is a time-consuming task and one that can prove quite difficult for a number of reasons.

It’s rare that you would have come across this type of assignment before university, so knowing what is involved is a good start. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources relevant to your subject area (books, journal articles and other documents) followed by a professional annotation that summarises and/or evaluates each source.

Types Of Annotated Bibliography

There are several different types of annotated bibliography that you might be asked to complete and some are more complex than others. Most annotated bibliographies provide a summary of the source, however some variations also include critical evaluation, while others assess the strengths and weaknesses of each source with regards to its relevance and quality.


An informative annotated bibliography summarizes the source but also includes details about the thesis, arguments, hypothesis and conclusions of the work.


It's the most common form of annotated bibliography and contains both information about the source and a critical evaluation.


provides an overview of the source’s main focus and addresses the key concepts and issues of the work.


This form of annotated bibliography critically assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a source in terms of its quality and relevance.

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