Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies a case of spotify

Executive Summary Company’s come up with various marketing strategies or techniques to attract more customers and consequently make more sales that will translate to increased revenues. Effectiveness of these marketing strategies is critical since it will determine how a company will be able to motivate or convince a customer to purchase their product or service. Effective marketing efforts turn both…

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Starbucks In The Middle East

Introduction Businesses have grown and equally evolved over the years and technology has played a huge role in ensuring that businesses have become successful and achieved their ultimate goals. In this era of technological advancement, businesses have come to service the human race in all fields and pleasure one can imagine (Libertini et al., 2016). From the traditional view where…

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Environmental Impact of Beef Hamburgers

Introduction Hamburger is a favorite food in America. The McDonald’s sell over 75 burgers every second. The tasty sandwich, often made from beef, originated from Hamburg, Germany. In the 19th century, meat was obtained from the German Hamburg cows (Avey, 2014). It was then minced and the mixed with onions, garlic, pepper and salt, and then formed into patties to…

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Research paper about the character of Scarlett O’Hara “Gone With the Wind”.

Research Question is ” How did the civil war affect the spoiled girl Scarlett O’Hara?” The novel introduces Scarlett as the main character in the novel “Gone with the wind” and being the elder daughter of a farmer, the girl seems to be somewhat spoiled, vain, self-centred, having an intelligent. but non-analytical mind states that American thinkers always encourage individuals…

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Customer Retention

Introduction Customer loyalty is a crucial aspect in any business organization as they determine the ability of an organization to retain customers (Kim, Park and Jeong, 2004). Quality delivery of service is a strategy that ensures maximum customer satisfaction and high competitive ability for the retail banking business in the modern world (Nili and Keramati, 2012). In the modern world…

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