Dissertation Presentation

As if the task of writing a lengthy dissertation isn’t difficult enough, some students are also required to create and give presentations for their dissertations. As with the dissertation itself, creating an accompanying high-quality presentation is crucial to achieving the grade you want.


How Can We Help?

Being confident that you have a great presentation will take the pressure off presenting it to your tutors and/or examiners and help you get a top grade. Whatever stage or level your dissertation presentation is at, we’re here to help.

There are several different types of dissertation presentations that we can help with:

  • Topic/proposal presentations – This will consist of presenting your initial ideas to your tutor and/or class so that your tutor can approve your topic and you can gain ideas from your peers.
  • Assessment presentations – This is a dissertation presentation that forms part of your overall assessment and is the most formal of the three.
  • Mid-research presentations – This is a presentation completed mid-way through your research so your tutor can assess your progress, identify your strengths and advise you on what can be improved as you complete your dissertation.

How Does This Service Work?

If you require PowerPoint slides for your dissertation presentation, you can order however many you need, along with detailed speech notes and extensive references to accompany your presentation. You will also receive the notes in audio form, perfect for both visual and auditory learners.

You Can Customise Your Dissertation Presentation To Suit You:

  • Specific number of slides you require.
  • Length of presentation (e.g. 10, 15 minutes etc.).
  • Detailed speech notes to go with your presentation.
  • Hand-outs to accompany your presentation.
  • Questions to ask the audience.
  • Specific content requirements.
  • Sound, graphic, video and visual effects.
  • Inclusion of specific models, frameworks and sources.
  • Graphs, charts or specific images.
  • Bibliography and referencing according to the style you require.

What Does A Dissertation Presentation Consist Of?

As a dissertation consists a considerable amount of work, there is a lot to include within a dissertation presentation to make sure you give the best impression of your work. This can include:

Topic and subject area – what is your topic and what discipline does your work fall into?

Existing studies – what does the current literature say regarding your topic? How does your dissertation relate and add to this?

Methodology and philosophy – what methodology is being used to conduct your research? Is there a specific philosophical context? You will need to justify this.

Resources – what resources have you used and why? Have these been difficult to acquire?

Case studies – if you’ve conducted practical field work or lab research, why did you choose these cases or projects?

Results – What have you found during your research? What does this mean and how is it significant?

These kinds of dissertation presentations can be required at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Luckily, the writers at Ivory Research have extensive knowledge at both levels and have the skills required to deliver top quality dissertation presentations.

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